COI Committee

Committee Mission

The Conflict of Interest Committee, which was created by the University's Conflict of Interest Policy 11-01-03, has faculty, staff and student representation, and is responsible for the oversight of potential conflicts of interest of its employees and the institution, and provides, among other things, advice on novel or difficult conflict of interest cases. The COI Committee reports, through the Chair of the Committee (Dr. Craig S. Wilcox), to the Vice Chancellor for Research Conduct and Compliance (Professor George A. Huber).

About the COI Committee

The Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC), chaired by Dr. Craig S. Wilcox, Professor and Research Integrity Officer, is responsible for the oversight and management of potential COIs of the University’s employees and the institution itself. The COIC reviews potential conflicts involving human or animal subject research, as well as conflicts surrounding consulting and purchasing activities.

The membership of the COIC consists of University faculty, staff, and students involved in a cross-section of research disciplines, including two members recommended by the president of the University Senate and administrators responsible for purchasing. The committee also includes representation from the University Office of Research, the Research Conduct and Compliance Office, the Innovation Institute, the Office of General Counsel, and the UPMC Corporate Legal Department, as well as from the non-University community.


Meeting Dates