Index of University of Pittsburgh
COI-Related Policies and Procedures

02-04-02: Academic Responsibilities and Professional Conduct

02-04-03: Faculty-Student Relationships

02-06-01: Outside Employment

05-02-02: Conflict of Interest and Procurement Relationships

05-02-03: Code of Ethics

05-02-05: Department Purchasing Authority and Responsibilities

05-02-15: Required Use of Contracted Suppliers

05-02-16: Competitive Bidding

05-02-17: Directed or Sole Source Purchase Justification

05-02-18: Supplier Code of Conduct

05-08-01: Personal Use of University Resources

07-05-02: Conflict of Interest - Designated Administrators & Staff

07-05-03: Conflict of Interest for University Employees

11-01-01: Research Integrity

11-01-03: Conflict of Interest for Faculty, Scholars, Researchers, Research Staff/Coordinators

11-01-04: Consultant Conflict of Interest

11-01-08: Organizational Conflict of Interest

11-02-01: Patent Rights and Technology Transfer

11-02-02: Copyrights

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